The hard and soft of things. Energy that is protective yet seductive. Refined wildness and imperfect beauty. The bridge between what we project and who we really are. The combination of various elements to make a singular whole.


The mythical peryton. It is the perfect embodiment of our inspiration. A winged stag imagined by Jorge Luis Borges and described in his book, Manual de Zoologia Fantastica (Book of Imaginary Beings), the peryton’s captivating appearance belies its ferocity. For us, its antlers signify protection, armor and function; its hooves - an earthy wildness and unusual details; and its wings - seduction, refinement and elusiveness.


The creation of a leather goods brand in which we seek balance between hard and soft, function and fantasy, classic shapes and unexpected details.



We design and make our leather goods in New York City. We work with a small number of leather artisans, each of whom hand make each article from start to finish, one article at a time. By the way, when we use the term “hand make” or “handmade”, we mean that with respect to each piece, one artisan lays the pattern, hand cuts the leather and mounts the article in preparation for stitching. Thereafter, the same artisan sews the article, employing a combination of machine stitching and hand stitching.



We wish to make beautiful leather goods. So we look for exceptional leather. We use calfskin and goat skin from French tanneries specializing in the production of leather for some of the most exclusive brands in the world. We also use the highest grades of exotic skins, such as American alligator sourced from tanneries in the U.S. and Italy, Nile crocodile from Zimbabwe and South Africa, which have been tanned in the U.S. and Italy, ostrich from South Africa, and python sourced from Southeast Asia and tanned in Italy.



We are dreamers. In an industry dominated by commercialized luxury, we dreamt of creating something delightful and rare.

We are not a fashion brand. We do not create on the basis of trends or seasonal obsolescence. We make leather goods for people who crave special pieces with amaranthine qualities.

We are small. Really small. So we focus our resources on fine materials and artisanal craftsmanship.

We are obsessed. About design, function, leather, stitches, zippers. And every other detail necessary to make a singular product.

We are respectful of time. And the fact that it takes time to do what we do well.

We are unafraid. Okay. We are a little bit afraid. Running a leather goods company of this nature is hardly practical. But some dreams are too powerful to ignore.

We are grateful. We are grateful for the opportunity to imagine and make beautiful things and to share them with you.