Jan 01 2016

Four and a half years ago, we followed a feeling. This feeling developed into passion, which fueled an idea, and that idea evolved into inspiration, which we named Peryton. Inspiration nurtured a vision, which became a mission, and that mission took us to France and Italy multiple times where we found the foundation of what we do: exceptional leather. Leather so rich that it begged to be shaped into something useful. Something beautiful.

Back home in New York, the mission morphed into an adventure, which turned, pitched and pivoted like a newfangled rollercoaster. Some turns felt like we were taking a cloverleaf to nowhere. Some pitches cost more than we care to admit. But certain pivots were downright fortuitous. Even magical. Such as the one that resulted in a meeting of the minds with leather craftspeople possessing skills that are truly divine. People who understand our inspiration, share our passion and believe in our mission.

The mission? To make artisanal leather goods for those who seek the discovery of special things. To create a brand seeking balance between hard and soft, function and fantasy, classic and the unexpected. To turn our creative energy into pieces that you can carry for as long as you wish. And to tell the story of our transformation.

Welcome to Peryton.

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